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Theme cakes

Unforgotable Desings

Bear Adventure

3 little bears climb a rose wall made of frosted cream, sweet almond icing and fresh cream.

Minion Rock

It’s the bright yellow, sunshine fellow cake! Soft vanilla cake is covered with almond everyone!

Jungle Book

Green grass and animals frolic on this dreamy cake of fresh cream vanilla with Pista icing.

Bear Dare

Bear are out on a dare! Playing and enjoying the softest, smoothest cake filled fresh cream.

Cream Bears

Little bears gambol on a sweet, creamy land of soft white icing. What can be more enchanting?

Pengu Love

Colourful flowers play on a delicious bed of almond cream that melts into the rich, creamy cake.

Disney World

Mickey and Minnie run riot in this rose and cherry cake, decorated with candy figures that the kids can scrunch on.

Go for Goal

You just netted a sumptuous all pista delight that will turn all your friends into fans of your taste!

Honky Tonk

A journey of a cake with peppermint sun shining bright and a delicious car to take you wherever you want!

Bear Hug

Pink candy hearts raise this fluffly, creamy cake to dreamy heights! You’ll simply love it.

Found a Panda

Welcome King Fu Panda to your birthday! He’s all set to fill you with silken cake covered with fresh cream and chocolate.

Car Happy

This bright blue Vanilla and blueberry cake car is geared to zoom into everyone’s hearts right now!

Best Lap

Win over friends and family with this black and white choco-vanilla formula 1 cake.

Viva la Diva

Make everyone a slave for good taste with this creamy, strawberry and cream delight.

Not out

Catch the cricket fever with this sumptuous delight of a cake. Of pista, chocolate and almond icing!


A rich, ground of pista and chocolate, is all set to win you over with sheer delight.


This rich chocolate cake with lemony icing will have your friends cheering you, non-stop!

Captain Cool

This rich vanilla cake with fresh, minty icing is a true ode to the king of Cool! Enjoy!

Bowled Over

Over after over of sheer delight! That’s what this Pista and fresh cream cake will deliver!

Cricket Fever

Turn up the heat over cricket with his sumtous double flavoured cake.

Swing Garden

A sweet place where peppermint figures play on a garden of almond icing and choco-flowers

Giant Wheel

Sweet Vanilla cake that can make your taste buds go round and round!

Jumpy Jungle

Rich chocolate gives rise to a green jungle filled with adventure and delight.

Girl Power

Smash them girl, with this strawberry and velvet cake! One bite will make everyone admirer!

Marvel Magic

This is day Superheroes rule, Thick, and rich chocolate plays host to 4 different flavors of icing!

Jungle King

A toffee and chocolate cake is filled with woody delights and a sense of jungle discovery.

Frozen Hearts

A rich vanilla and blueberry cake is covered with rich, dreamy fresh cream icing and chocolate towers.

Jap Dolls

Tofee dolls play with butterflies in this butter cream and almond icing cake.


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