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Birthday cakes

Unparalleled Taste


An adorable elephant sits on joyfully coloured butter cream to bring good times to the birthday darling.

Violet dreame

Dreamy blueberry cheese cake is clothed in almond icing and fully decorated with strips of sweet candy.


Thick swirls of chocolate add a terrific zest to rich, chocolate cake that’s heightened with chocolate icing!

My garden

Peppermint and candy flowers dance on a bed of sweet lemon and almond icing. Mouthwatering. Candy!

Red Velvet Fudge

A delicious gift wrapped in swirls of delicate green sweet ribbons. Open it now!

Pretty Blooms

Colourful flowers play on a delicious bed of almond cream that melts into the rich, creamy cake.

Blue Lace

For the little lady! A delicately iced cake crafted into perfection. The vanilla cake is a delicious piece of beauty.

Box of Delight

This rich caramel cake is full of hidden gifts. Chocalate candy and the vanilla icing all galore! Open and discover true heaven!

All in Choc

A cocoa river flows down an iceland of sweet almond taking into a horizon of flavorsome heaven.

Cookies and Cream

Crunchy bits of Ore cookies turn rich, fresh cream vanilla cake into a cocoa dreamland.

Crowning Glory

A fresh as a rose cake, topped by creamy swirls and crowned with a rose candy!

Tender Hill

A glorious brown cocoa hill has rivers of molten chocolate flowing down it and peaks of white candy crowning it.

Deep Sea

Candy starfish add depth to this cheesecake and blue caracao cake. Dive in!


Rich Red velvet cake is topped with sweet almond candy icing and decorated with rich roses.

Strawberry Dreams

Tangy strawberry and fresh cream make this cheesecake an true adventure into taste land.

Mint and Wink

Vanilla cake? Raised into wonder by minty decorations and crowned by a white almond paste.


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