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We at Bread Machine Recipe, will teach you a few tips and tricks and also some skills to whip up a quick sandwich. With the knowledge, we provide you, no matter where, you will always be able to come up with a delicious sandwich to make and munch on.

We will teach you approximately 10-12 different varieties of sandwich in the practical session.

Some of the sandwiches you will learn are:
  • Mexican grilled panini
  • Bombay grilled sandwich
  • Peppy paneer grilled sandwich
  • Coleslaw sandwich
  • Creamy corn grilled sandwich
  • Bombay club sandwich
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Doesn’t your mouth start watering when we say Pizza? Here are a few super delicious and all-time favorite Pizza’s that you will be taught:

  • Pizza base (Thin Crust)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Pizza puff
  • Coin Pizza
  • Four season
  • Hot and fiery
  • Tex mex
  • Romanno
  • Smooky pizza
  • Double decker
  • Two corn basil
  • Margeritta

Duration: 7 days, 10 Hours

Charge ₹ 7000/-


Duration: 12 days, 15 Hours

Charge ₹ 8000/-

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Coffee & Shakes

Coffee and shakes are an interesting way to get your mood lift up. They can act as a quick filler when you want to get going.

Here at Bread Machine Recipe, you will learn how to make a variety of shakes. At the same time, we take you into details of using different syrups and different flavours of ice creams used to make a delicious shake.

In the practical class, you will learn approximately 10-12 different coffee’s and shakes. In addition to that, we will provide you a recipe booklet of 16 different recipes for you to take home.

Some of the coffee’s and shakes you will learn are:
  • Kaju anjeer shake
  • Pineapple shake
  • Butter scotch shake
  • Hazelnut coffee
  • Cold coffee
  • Black forest shake
  • Oreo power shake
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Cupcakes (eggless)

You will learn how to make 18-20 different cupcakes and muffins in the practical session itself, with various flavors of frostings!

Center Filling Muffins:
  • Red Velvet cheese cream Muffin
  • Chocolate Lava Muffin
  • Blue berry Muffin
  • Apple cinnamon Muffin
  • Cookies & cream Muffin
  • Vanilla Cupcake
  • Classic chocolate Cupcake
  • Oreo Cupcake
  • Red Velvet Cupcake
  • Honey lemon Cupcake
Special Techniques:
  • Nozzle techniques
  • Fondant Flowers
  • Chocolate garnishing

Duration: 7 days, 10 Hours

Charge ₹ 5000/-


Duration: 10 days, 15 Hours

Charge ₹ 7500/-

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Brownies (eggless)

Brownies have come a long way, from just being a dark chocolate brownie, to being available in different flavors limited only to imagination.

At Bread Machine Recipe, you will learn not just one (1) but eight (8) different variations of brownies, you will learn to balance different flavors and use them in their correct form. You will also get recipes to take home, so you can recreate them at home.

Some of the brownies you will learn are:
  • Triple chocolate walnut brownie
  • Sea salt almond caramel brownie
  • Rose berry Blondie
  • Pina colada Blondie
  • Healthy ragi brownie
  • Brookie brownie
  • Red velvet cheese cream brownie
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Desserts & Puddings (eggless)

Desserts & puddings have left a timeless imprint on the culinary world.

Here at Bread Machine Recipe, we take our desserts seriously. Over the years, we have perfected our desserts in texture, taste and most importantly the method. We teach you a range of desserts, easy to whip up in no time and also satisfy different taste palates.

We will teach you 18-20 different items in the practical session and provide you with a booklet of 25 different recipes for you to take home.

4–5 Style Puddings:
  • Trifle pudding
  • Chocolate walnut pudding
  • Orange Souffle
  • Chocolate Tarts
  • Blue berry cheese cake

Duration: 3 days, 10 Hours

Charge ₹ 2000/-


Duration: 3 days, 10 Hours

Charge ₹ 2500/-