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Bread Machine Challah Recipe

bread machine challah bread

Challah is traditional, egg bread used for the Jewish Sabbath. It is often presented in the shape of a beautiful braid. Challah is sweet and chewy bread that is a favorite for breakfast. With a recipe so easy, you can … Continue reading

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Italian Bread Machine Recipes

italian bread recipe

Italian bread is a tasty addition to any pasta dish. Not just great for dinner, it’s a wonderful addition to your morning cup of coffee. The crisp outside and warm, chewy inside will fill your family’s heart with Italian love. … Continue reading

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Bread Machine Potato Bread Recipes

potatoe bread recipe

Mashed potatoes are a wonderful addition to a hearty meal but sometimes you have to wonder what else you can so with all of that mashed potato mix you can’t seem to get rid of. Potato bread is a great … Continue reading

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White Bread Machine Recipe

white bread machine recipe

We often think of white bread is simply “plain old bread” that comes with just about every sandwich that we eat. We think of this because most commercial white breads are in fact pretty flavorless and bland. However, it cannot … Continue reading

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Low Salt Bread Machine Recipe

low salt bread machine recipe

We are more aware now, than ever, of how it important it is to be healthy. This low sodium bread is perfect for everyday toast and sandwiches without compromising on taste. These two healthy low salt recipes have a whole … Continue reading

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English Muffin Bread Machine Recipe

english muffin bread machine recipe

English muffin bread is a small, round type of bread, which is almost always dusted with cornmeal and served, sliced in half horizontally, toasted, and buttered. However this recipe is making the classic English muffin into a loaf so that … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Bread Machine Recipe

buttermilk bread machine recipe

Making bread may seem like a tremendous task, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many benefits of making your own bread rather than using store bought loaves. With the use of a bread maker, making … Continue reading

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Soft Bread Machine Recipe

soft bread machine recipe

You may have noticed that sometimes bread from the bread machine turns out a bit tough and chewy. This is because of the gluten created during the baking process. This gluten gives the structure to the bread when it has … Continue reading

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