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Bread Machine Dill Pickle Bread Recipe

bread machine dill pickle bread

Everyone loves a juicy dill pickle on a sandwich. Why not put it in the bread you make your sandwich with? Don’t be alarmed by the idea of pickle bread. This Dill Pickle bread is great with ham and cheese … Continue reading

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Panini Bread Machine Recipe

panini bread machine recipe

If you want to be ultra-fashionable, then Panini’s are the way to go. They’re everywhere, in cafes, bistros and gourmet sandwich shops.  However because they are so popular, they are also so expensive. With these two recipes you are able … Continue reading

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Anadama Bread Machine Recipe

anadama bread machine recipe

Anadama bread is a traditional bread of New England. There is a popular myth about the origin of the name Anadama bread. The story goes that a fisherman was angry with his wife, Anna, because she never served him anything … Continue reading

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Quinoa Bread Machine Recipe

quinoa bread machine recipe

Baking your own bread is so satisfying, and tastes much better than standard bread bought from the supermarket. For a healthier option consider using quinoa in your next bread machine recipe. Quinoa is an exotic whole grain that is grown … Continue reading

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