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Bread Machine Parmesan-herb French Bread Recipe

parmesan-herb french bread recipe

There’s nothing that goes better with a warm bowl of soup or heaping pasta dish than Parmesan-herb French bread. That is, unless it homemade Parmesan-herb French bread. The robust flavors of the herbs are sure to be a delight. These … Continue reading

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Bread Machine Raisin Bread Recipe

raisin bread recipe

The smell of fresh raisin bread is a wonderful thing to wake up to. The sweet aroma of this soft baked delight is enough to ease you out of your from your slumber and lead you straight to the kitchen … Continue reading

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Italian Bread Machine Recipes

italian bread recipe

Italian bread is a tasty addition to any pasta dish. Not just great for dinner, it’s a wonderful addition to your morning cup of coffee. The crisp outside and warm, chewy inside will fill your family’s heart with Italian love. … Continue reading

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Bread Machine Potato Bread Recipes

potatoe bread recipe

Mashed potatoes are a wonderful addition to a hearty meal but sometimes you have to wonder what else you can so with all of that mashed potato mix you can’t seem to get rid of. Potato bread is a great … Continue reading

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Bread Machine Honey Wheat Bread Recipes

honey wheat bread recipe

Honey wheat bread is a great addition to your diet, especially if you’re trying to eat healthy. Homemade honey wheat bread is even better. The honey gives this recipe a subtle sweetness, while it keeps the bread soft and fresh … Continue reading

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Banana Pecan Bread Machine Recipe

banana pecan bread recipe

In yet another variation of this delicious American staple, we incorporate fresh pecans to give it that authentic Southern taste. And although the ingredients vary a bit from the regular banana nut bread recipe, this one makes a very moist … Continue reading

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Banana Nut Bread Machine Recipe

banana nut bread recipe

This variation of the banana bread recipe is quite common school bake sales and muffin tins across the United States. The addition of chopped nuts adds a very distinct texture and flavor to this already delicious treat that tend to … Continue reading

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Banana Bread Machine Recipe

banana bread recipe

A warm home-baked loaf of banana bread is the very definition of comfort food. Almost all of us have childhood memories of this smell permeating our house in the excitement of when it finally came out of the oven. With … Continue reading

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Multigrain Bread Machine Recipe

multi grain bread recipe

Another brilliant aspect of having your own bread machine is the ability to have complete control over the variety of grains and other ingredients that go into your homemade bread. With health awareness in the forefront of most people’s attention … Continue reading

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Rye Bread Machine Recipe

rye bread machine recipe

One of the richest and most flavorful breads available at almost any market is right. Whether being used for a Reuben sandwich or as the foundation of a grilled cheese, this American favorite is perfect for sandwiches and on its … Continue reading

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